Judge Pirro Blasts “Journal-News” for outing legal gun owners. Editors in hiding… (video)

Ironic that the editors of the local newspaper who say that all guns are bad, have now gone into hiding, aren’t answering questions, and have hired armed guards to protect themselves.

UPDATE “Anti-Gun” group finds that prominent anti-gunners are armed (video) – LINK

UPDATE II Greg Gutfeld on armed “anti-gun” journalists: More guns = dumber writing (video) – LINK

This is what modern journalism has devolved to, and as far as we know, not a single “journalist” has resigned from the paper in the name of journalistic ethics.

The list is already being used by criminals to target homes on the list. Lawsuits will likely be filed. The Journal-news will try to hide behind the First Amendment, but that might not be successful as demonstrating that the Journal-News acted maliciously will be pretty easy in light of the editorial board’s members already previous public comments. Women who are armed to protect themselves from stalkers as well as some celebs have been endangered by this list.

In synergy with the Journal-News, bloggers such as Christopher Fountain have posted the address’ of Journal-News’ editors along with an interactive map of where they live.

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