Sandra Fluke Being Run by White House

Sandra Fluke claims to have no money for birth control, but she is flying all over the country speaking and appearing. How is she even attending class? How much it cost to have Anita Dunn’s PR firm (her husband is White House counsel), the PR firm that is closest to the White House, represent you?

Wal-Mart sells birth control pills for $9.00 a month. Many not for profit clinics give them away or sell them for even cheaper than Wal-Mart, but no, the Catholic Church needs to be forced to pay for “day after” abortion pills? Give me a break.

UPDATE – There is now a Send a Condom to Sandra Fluke Facebook Group – LINK.

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1 Response to Sandra Fluke Being Run by White House

  1. So you do realize the media covers travel expenss for their guests?

    And why should a woman have to go out of her way to go to wal-mart, or a free-clinic- for a health issue that insurance should be covering- and indeed does for many women?

    Should unmarried men have to go to wal-mart or a free clinic to get Viagra or Cialis? No of course not- it’s covered by insurance- even by the catholic church, without question.

    And the O’reilley clip is pathetic- not a shred of evidence- pure “opinion” and”Speculation” that becomes “fact” in the minds of the right.

    Political Arena Editor Responds:

    1 – Actually the media doesn’t cover that much as remotes to make it appear that she is right there can be done at any local affiliate. The elite media, who has been losing market share constantly for 20 years is more and more cash strapped. I know as I have worked in news radio and I have a degree in journalism.

    2 – She has also been going to places that are not elite media interviews. Someone is paying her way and she is being represented by the PR firm closest to the White House. Do you have ANY idea how much it costs to have Anita Dunn’s PR firm (her husband is White House counsel) represent you?

    4 – Why should she have to go out of her way to Wal-Mart or a clinic you ask? Are you kidding? FOOD is WAY more important than birth control, so why should people have to go out of their way to a grocery store for food…. wow you are an idiot.

    5 – Viagra is not birth control and cannot cause a day after abortion. How about we use an apples to apples comparison; the Church does not provide condoms either or vasectomies.

    6 – What O’Reilly said in his commentary is being reported by several press outlets, so it is not just something he made up. Nice try.

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