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Mike Lee and Ted Cruz respond to Harry Reid’s name calling on the Senate floor (video)

Harry Reid not only violated Senate rules in his tirade. What Harry Reid tried to do that generated the floor objection of Ted Cruz is also very worthy of noting. What Reid tried to do was have the right to … Continue reading

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Bill Whittle on how liberals tried to criminalize being “conservative”

A great video from Bill Whittle with a message that we gave you about how the left works to criminalize political differences.

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Famed Democrat Pollsters: Obama Admin Adrift and Corrupt (video)

They cover several issues here, they are right that the Boston investigation is a mess. We will have a post about why that is soon.

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How Lawsuit Abuse Doomed an American Icon (video)

Watch this video. Democrats in Congress have opposed lawsuit reform.  

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Confessed Far Left Terrorist Floyd Corkins Admits to Using SPLC Target List (video)

From FBI interrogation footage. Confessed terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins II, who attacked Family Research Council on August 15, 2012, shooting and injuring Leo Johnson (before Johnson subdued him and took his weapon) explains to FBI interrogators that he used the … Continue reading

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Huffington Post Video: We in the liberal media made a decision not to cover the Gosnell trial

Who is Kermitt Gosnell? He is, for the lack of a better term, he is the most ‘successful’ serial killer in the history of the world. UPDATE – Reports are popping up all over the net that Obama’s Attorney General … Continue reading

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Rand Paul Has By Far The Most Successful Poll-Tested Platform On Immigration Reform (video)

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Democratic Party Officials Admit Plan To Confiscate All Guns (video)

We are NOT fans of Alex Jones here, but when he gets it spot on with the evidence he deserves the same credit as anyone else. Examine the evidence:

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Gabby Gifford’s dog kills sea lion. What if it was Sarah Palin’s dog?

Media double standards and their dishonesty are at time so whopping, and yet their near complete lack of introspective prevents them of seeing even the most egregious examples like the picture below. You may have seen the video where Gabby … Continue reading

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Shep Smith Rant on Obama’s Drone Policy (video)

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Kirsten Powers: Obama does not want to be asked tough questions; avoids reporters who will…(video)

This is how you behave when you believe that you are unaccountable the people.

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Kirsten Powers: CBS News behaved as “State Run Media” in Obama-Hillary interview (video)

UPDATE: Greg Gutfeld on the CBS 60 Minutes Love Fest

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TRIFECTA – $180 Billion Wasted: Head Start Education Program Has No Lasting Impact (video)

This is far from the first study and review to conclude that head start is actually no such thing.

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Why do liberals HATE Sarah Palin? (video)

Dennis Prager, on why the left doesn’t just disagree with, but truly hates Sarah Palin even though she has done nothing wrong and hasn’t harmed anyone.

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Judge Pirro Blasts “Journal-News” for outing legal gun owners. Editors in hiding… (video)

Ironic that the editors of the local newspaper who say that all guns are bad, have now gone into hiding, aren’t answering questions, and have hired armed guards to protect themselves. UPDATE – “Anti-Gun” group finds that prominent anti-gunners are … Continue reading

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It’s mental health that is the problem, not guns – UPDATED

by Political Arena Editor Chuck Norton Liberal activists stopped new laws in Connecticut that could have helped Adam Lanza get the mental help he needed….. [Political Arena Editor’s Note: Before we get onto the the disturbing details, this very writer … Continue reading

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Adam Carolla on Samuel L. Jackson’s Gross Hypocrisy (video)

Samuel L. Jackson is a very talented actor to be sure, but this is about how his political activism and his actions are exactly the opposite, as is the case with limousine liberals in general. Jackson sticks up for the … Continue reading

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Harry Reid Calls Harry Reid “Un-American” For Trying To Change Filibuster Rules (video)

Democrat Party Senate Leader Harry Reid then and now. What has changed? Back them he was in the minority, now he is in the majority… What if Bush had done this?

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Gov. Christie takes down Jon Stewart (video)

The politics of the left has been “divide & conquer” and ridicule and Gov. Christie tells Jon Stewart just how destructive shows like his are.

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Legendary Tony Robbins Destroys the Entire Obama “Tax the Rich” Narrative in Short Film (video)

Why is “tax the rich” false narrative not going to lower the deficit but will only lower the economy? Tony Robbins illustrated just how ridiculous the Obama “class warfare” model is in this short film. This is simply devastating…..

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