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Bill Clinton is Father of the Year? Why the left infiltrates non-profits.

As we lectured about Why Republicans Lost in the last election, conservatives need to engage the culture war to reinforce the ideals the country was founded upon. There are so many “low information voters” who vote on the basis of … Continue reading

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Obama Admin Approves Unprecedented Unlawful Govt Surveillance of U.S. Citizens

It has already been reported that the Obama Administration abuse of the Patriot Act is off the charts. Now this. Where are all of the Democrat civil libertarians now? Judicial Watch: Illustrating just how close big brother is watching, the … Continue reading

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Pew Study: Online, liberals far less tolerant than normal people

This is no surprise, as the overwhelming majority of censorship cases on campus that are opposed by civil rights groups ACLU, FIRE, SPLC, ADF etc  are cases of leftist administrators and faculty trying to censor fellow academics or students from … Continue reading

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North Carolina Principal Resigns For Suspending Student Who Called Teacher ‘Cute’

Remember this story? Well it appears justice has been done and the winners are parents, teachers and the kids who were exposed to this radicalized school administrator. This wen site, but especially my old college blog (2) has countless stories … Continue reading

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