George Zimmerman rescues family from overturned truck

Via the Daily Caller:

“What if George hadn’t gotten out of his truck?”

That’s the question Shawn Vincent, a spokesman for George Zimmerman, posed to The Daily Caller after news broke Monday that Zimmerman helped rescue a family of four from an overturned car.

“That’s the kind of guy George is,” Vincent said during a phone interview with TheDC.

The spokesman explained that when the defense team met with their client last Friday, the recently-acquitted Zimmerman didn’t mention the rescue, which occurred just days after he was acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter.

The car, a blue Ford Explorer SUV, overturned near an intersection outside of Sanford, Fla. last Wednesday, the Orlando Sentinel reported Monday.

Vincent says that Zimmerman thought that there might be a fire in the vehicle and he grabbed a fire extinguisher that he had inside his own truck.

Seminole County Sheriff spokesperson Heather Smith confirmed that account to TheDC, explaining that officers on the scene reported that Zimmerman was carrying a fire extinguisher.

Smith also told the Sentinel that Zimmerman was not a witness to the crash but that he drove up on the scene and, along with another person, helped the family escape.


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Bill O’Reilly blasts race hustlers who have let inner city youth down (video)

Wow, Bill-O pulls no punches here. It is a message that had to be said.

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Twenty Tweets from Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin’s twitter feed is @no_limit_nigga [Martin's words not ours].  John Hawkins at Townhhall managed to archive his tweets before his family/legal team deleted them.

This shows just the kind of trouble our inner city youth are in. As you can see drug use and abuse of women which are the fashion in the public school/hip hop/gangsta rap culture. Parents, please rescue your kids from this.

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R E T W E E T If you smoke #weed.

RT @PrettyMeStarr: White People’(s) Call Police , Black People’(s) Call There Cousin

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“Stand Your Ground” laws have problems but are necessary

By Chuck Norton

woman-with-gunThe recent trial of George Zimmerman has been used as a tool among anti-Second Amendment advocates to attack the concept of self defense, gun ownership, and “Castle Doctrine” laws also known as “Stand Your Ground” laws. While neither the prosecution or the defense argued on the bases of such a law it was still a part of the jury instructions in the case. Those hostile to the human right of self defense such as Van Jones and Eric Holder are putting all of their chips of criticism on a section of law that was merely a footnote in this trial.

UPDATE – Obama co-sponsored a bill that strengthened Illinois Stand Your Ground law – LINK.

The Case Against Castle Doctrine Laws

Some believe that such laws give the person with the firearm “too much” benefit of the doubt in that, some people who might not have absolutely had to use deadly force would use deadly force knowing that the law was in effect. There will be cases, in the view of some prosecutors, where the circumstances did not justify the use of deadly force, but the way the statute is written does. In some cases fear that was not reasonable or immediate could be argued by slick lawyers to make it appear that the person with the gun had a reasonable fear.

In a worst case scenario there may be cases where someone who acted in a moment of rage would dress up that rage as “legitimate fear” of bodily injury and escape prosecution. The way such laws are written is overly vague and may invite disaster that is not completely warranted, thus making a mockery of the intent of the law.

Let us be clear, there have been and will be a small number of cases where this law is misapplied, but is that a case for repealing the law altogether or merely revisiting the law’s language and interpretation for improvement?

The Case For Castle Doctrine Laws

Twenty-one states have castle doctrine laws. The National Rifle Association (NRA) lobbied for such laws for some very good reasons.

“Must retreat” laws have resulted in unneeded deaths and bodily injury as well as a great many unjustified prosecutions of citizens who were defending themselves legitimately. This is not a “may” or a “could” and this is not a theory. There is a long, almost incalculable, list of examples and cases where such laws resulted in great bodily harm or death of innocents. There is an equally long list of prosecutions by overzealous and/or politically motivated prosecutions by prosecutors who are dead against citizens owning firearms or other political reasons that have no place in a court of law.

The George Zimmerman case was just such a prosecution. The chief of police and the local prosecutor refused to file charges against Zimmerman because the the evidence did not warrant it. The police chief was fired under the political pressure and a special prosecutor was appointed. The prosecution was caught breaking the law by illegally hiding exculpatory evidence from the defense about the state of mind and history of Trayvon Martin and it was a prosecution staffer who blew the whistle. The prosecutor lied to the judge, misled the court and was not forthcoming with the evidence. “Criminally perjurious“, “corrupt and politically motivated” is how (liberal) Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz described the prosecution.

“Must retreat” laws endanger the public. Victims of domestic violence and others who are required to make an attempt to retreat tactically give the aggressor more time to carry out their attacks. They require the victim to make snap legal judgments that can mean decades in prison while they should be focused on defending themselves and loved ones in chaotic and crisis situations.

Must retreat laws allow lawyers months to “Monday morning quarterback” someone who was in terrible danger and was forced into making a snap judgment; thus, in application, putting a burden of proof on the victim which is a violation of due process in the 5th and 14th Amendments.

Castle Doctrine laws require that prosecutors do what they have been constitutionally charged with doing since the founding of the republic; prove their case.

Fortunately concealed carry permit holders (which does not include those who merely keep a firearm in their home) have shown themselves to be very responsible gun owners with good judgment.

Since the George Zimmerman trial was in Florida, lets us look at the rate that people given a concealed carry permit have those permits revoked for inappropriate conduct. That rate in Florida is 1.4 revocations per thousand. One knows that the application of the law is never perfect, but a .0014% rate is as close to perfect as anyone could hope for.

The Ridiculous

Stand Your Ground laws must be repealed because George Zimmerman was a racist blah, blah, blah:

It is monumentally irrelevant who is morally guilty in a court of criminal law. If one thinks that George Zimmerman was observing Trayvon Martin for police because Martin is black or if one thinks that there is a 60% chance that George Zimmerman was guilty of some kind of ill will, than the responsible juror must return a verdict of not guilty. Such moral judgments have no place. Why? Because if they did people would get convicted because they were a fool or a jerk, not because they actually violated the law. In short, even a Klansman has the right to defend himself with deadly force against someone who is smashing his head against a four inch thick block of cement.

Stand Your Ground Laws must be repealed because they can be misapplied:

In the George Zimmerman case the law against second degree murder was misapplied, shall we repeal it?

Stand your ground laws are a license to kill any black person you see (you can thank Al Sharpton for this one) :

African Americans benefit from Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” self-defense law at a rate far out of proportion to their presence in the state’s population, despite an assertion by Attorney General Eric Holder that repealing “Stand Your Ground” would help African Americans.

Black Floridians have made about a third of the state’s total “Stand Your Ground” claims in homicide cases, a rate nearly double the black percentage of Florida’s population. The majority of those claims have been successful, a success rate that exceeds that for Florida whites.

You will never see a case where “Stand Your Ground” protects a black person with a smoking gun is standing over a white person (you can thank a guest on the Sean Hannity show for this one):

Roderick Scott (2) says he acted in self defense when he confronted Christopher Cervini and two others saying they were stealing from neighbors cars. He told them he had a gun and ordered them to freeze and wait for police. Scott says he shot Cervini twice when the victim charged toward him yelling he was going to get Scott.

Stand Your Ground allows people with guns to shoot unarmed people:

In 2011, 728 people were killed with hands and feet, 496 with blunt objects, and 1694 with knives; more so than people are killed with rifles and shotguns.

If three men confront you in dark ally and say that they are going to rape you and cut you the prudent person would shoot them even if it was before they saw a knife and even if the three later proved to be unarmed.

Interestingly enough, the NAACP is calling for the release of a black man in Georgia after he shot a white man in self defense:

John McNeil, 46, received a life sentence in November 2006 after killing a white man who was trespassing on his property. Police detectives investigating the case determined that McNeil acted in self-defense, but Cobb County District Attorney Pat Head decided a year later to try the case and won a conviction.

The incident took place Dec. 6, 2005, when McNeil arrived home after his teenage son had called him about an unfamiliar man lurking about their property.

Brian Epp, a hired contractor with whom McNeil had past difficulties, had already pulled a knife on the teenager.

Epp refused to leave, and McNeil, who had called 9-1-1, fired a warning shot into the ground. Epp then charged toward McNeil while reaching into his pocket. McNeil fatally shot him in the head at close range. Court documents state that a pocketknife was clipped inside Epp’s pants pocket. McNeil’s neighbors who witnessed the incident backed his story.

Kennesaw police detectives investigated the case, decided that McNeil had acted in self-defense and didn’t charge him.

In this case it certainly seems that McNeil was justified in using force to defend himself, but this incident happened a year before Georgia passed it’s Stand Your Ground law, so this prosecutor was able to score another conviction in his portfolio. Stand Your Ground would have protected McNeil, a black man, from what police concluded was an obvious case of self defense.

The McNeil case should be reviewed. If one would like to contact Governor Nathan Deal to ask that John McNeil be pardoned, or at least have his life sentence commuted, one can do so HERE.

UPDATE – Law Professor Eugene Volokh seems to have proposed several of the same points – LINK

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There are always men like you…..

Just surrender your freedom and the politicians will make it all better….

It is not a question of open or closed minds. Citizens are giving such politicians a benefit of the doubt that history proves they do not deserve.

Too many of those in power want to keep the “sheep” weak, too many with money try to keep others from competing or getting money themselves (hence the put down “new money”) and the list goes on. Such people are prevalent in society and are always with us. These are people who have an inflated sense of superiority, believing they are entitled to rule.

They smile and tell us how they are burdened with glorious purpose to help the downtrodden, the children and the poor, but their interest is only self aggrandizement and power. Our Constitution was written because of people like them. Eternal Vigilance is the cost of freedom because there are always men like these:

I totally understand that you (readers) are a nice people and want to be nice. Hear me, all tyrants would be or otherwise use your own values and your own good will as a weapon against you. Your good nature is worthy of credit, but it can be made to serve the enemies of freedom.

The left lost all claim to the civility card when they started engaging in Saul Alinsky inspired deception tactics. One can still be “civil” but we must be aware of just who and what we are dealing with.

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Evidence: Trayvon Martin was at 7-11 buying chems for home made drug cocktail

It is amazing how the elite media hid this for so long, but as Winston Churchill said, “A lie gets half way around the world before the truth can get its pants on”.

Lean – it is a street drug popular with the “gangsta rap” scene and one of the more popular recipe’s is Robitussin DM, Watermelon flavored Arizona Tea and Skittles. Guess what kind of tea Trayvon Martin bought at 7-11 along with his Skittles.

ABC News:

It’s more than a drug; it’s a culture. It’s what’s known on the street as “Lean,” a highly addictive cocktail of cough syrup, cold medicine, alcohol and candy — so potent it makes you “lean” over when high. The drug first began to get attention a few years ago, when a popular Houston DJ overdosed on it. At that time, it was easy to make and easy to get, says Ron Peters, a professor at the University of Texas School of Public Health. “As far as across Texas, across also the southern part of the United States, estimates have shown that it to be at one time a pretty common drug of choice amongst kids…anywhere from ninth grade all the way up to young adults,” says Peters.

We also know from Trayvon Martin’s toxicology report (2):

Martin had 1.5 nanograms of THC – the active ingredient in marijuana – and 7.3 nanograms of another THC substance found in his blood. Traces of cannabis – marijuana – were also found in his urine.

The liver damage from Martin’s drug abuse was also apparent in Martin’s autopsy report:

trayvon martin liver autopsyWhat causes patchy yellow discoloration due to fatty metamorphosis of the liver? Well, morbid obesity, Reye’s Syndrome, alcohol addiction, and drug abuse.

Trayvon Martin’s social networking showed that he was actively involved in “Lean” production:

trayvon martin drug use facebook
George Zimmerman said in his call to police that Martin was behaving strangely like he was on drugs. This is the kind of trouble our inner city youth are in today and the elite media, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and President Obama could not seem to care less.

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George Zimmerman is no angel? Really? UPDATED!

Editorial by Chuck Norton

Be sure to also read the special editor’s note below!

George Zimmerman with a broken nose

George Zimmerman with a broken nose

As I sit back and go back over the trial video a few things come to mind that thinking people should to be aware of.

The prosecution and the press did a pretty good job of applying ill motives to George Zimmerman, but when one looks closer it was all maybe’s, assumptions, could haves and other assertions not in evidence. It amazes me how easily people adopt false narratives based on emotional appeals and assertions.

He was a “creepy cop wannabe”? Really? Did you know that as a part of the neighborhood watch program he was offered a car with flashing yellow lights, a uniform, and a computer system that tied into law enforcement? He turned it down. Is that what a creepy cop wannabe does? In fact, turning that down showed to be a mistake because if he had that car it would have identified him as neighborhood watch.

George Zimmerman is a racist? Really? The facts: his prom date was black and he mentored two young black children a mentoring program – even after the county ran out of funding. Sanford Police and the FBI did an extensive investigation, including talking to dozens of people who know George Zimmerman. Both police organizations concluded that he has never shown evidence of racism. Just who was it who called who a “crazy ass cracka”?

According to the prosecution, George Zimmerman had ill intent and hate towards Trayvon and looked for an excuse to… Not only did they have no evidence to support that claim, but Zimmerman, while on the phone with police, twice asked nicely for an officer to be sent out. Are those the actions of a hateful man bent on murder in the second degree?

George Zimmerman “stalked” Trayvon? Really? When Zimmerman called police and started following Trayvon until an officer showed up, Trayvon was texting and on the phone with his girl friend and realized he was being followed. After Trayvon hung up it was four minutes later that Trayvon jumped George Zimmerman and started ground pounding him MMA style and smashing his head against the cement. Now stay with me; in that four minutes did Trayvon run away? Nope. Did he run home? Nope. Did he use his cell phone to call the police after he hung up with his girlfriend? Instead he looped back around and came out at George Zimmerman attacking him. So in that four minutes who was stalking who?

[Note: Juror 37B said that Trayvon "got mad and attacked George Zimmerman" adding "Trayvon threw the first punch". More details below and in comments. ]

There is a world of difference between “stalking” someone and merely observing them for police. As much as media pundits drumming up racial angst for ratings shout otherwise, observing someone for police does not make one an “aggressor”.

What verifiable evidence does anyone have that George Zimmerman was anything less than a normal decent guy before that fateful moment?

The ignorant man, wishing to ‘rise above’ as ‘a good post-modernist thinker’, will cast negativity on both sides, judging both with the same condemning brush, so as to create the illusion of their own ‘enlightenment’.

When police tried to trick Zimmerman into making an incriminating statement they lied and told him that a camera had caught the whole thing on video Zimmerman’s response was “Thank God”.

When expert law enforcement witnesses on self defense took the stand were asked “During the attack what alternative did George Zimmerman have besides using deadly force the witness said , “None.”

If Trayvon Martin had survived his wound what would he have been charged with?

[Note: Smashing Zimmerman's head against the cement block likely would have resulted in charges of aggravated battery, a felony in Florida. This may seem insensitive, but as a matter of law the facts are the facts - Trayvon Martin was, as the evidence indicates, killed in the act of committing a felony.]

It is not often when lawyers Alan Dershowitz and Ann Coulter are on the same page. All of the physical evidence, expert testimony, and eye witness accounts confirm George Zimmerman’s account of what happened. The prosecution was caught breaking the law hiding exculpatory evidence from the defense about the state of mind and history of Trayvon Martin and it was a prosecution staffer who blew the whistle. The prosecutor lied to the judge, misled the court and was not forthcoming with the evidence. “Criminally perjurious“, “corrupt and politically motivated” is how (liberal) Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz described the prosecution.

Now George Zimmerman is suing NBC News for carefully editing the 911 tape to make him appear racist along with putting out demonstrably misleading information on a daily basis to create a demonic false picture of him. ABC News doctored video and pictures of Zimerman to hide his injuries to push the same false narrative. CNN’s coverage was so over the top and unethical that even those who resist claims of media bias were taken aback. It was these news organizations that repeated over and over that police told George Zimmerman not to get out of his car, which is of course demonstrably false.

CNN said even after the verdict that Trayvon Martin was armed with nothing ore than a bag of skittles, ignoring the damage to his knuckles from beating George Zimmerman and omitting the four inch thick block of cement that he was pounding George Zimmerman’s head into.

The actual block of cement Trayvon Martin used as a weapon against George Zimmerman

The actual block of cement Trayvon Martin smashed George Zimmerman’s head into repeatedly

“And the suggestion by the state that that’s not a weapon, that can’t hurt somebody … is disgusting,” O’Mara said.

The elite media showed the world pictures of a nine year old boy who they claimed was gunned down when he went out to buy some Skittles the facts are that Trayvon Martin was a muscular athlete who towered over George Zimmerman.

Trayvon Martin standing next to George Zimmerman

Cutouts of Trayvon Martin standing next to George Zimmerman

As someone who is well trained in communications law I have little doubt that these ‘news organizations’ will be writing George Zimmerman a hefty check. Elite media consumers  motivated by the lies and false narratives are engaging in violence in the streets.

Honestly, I hope that the Zimmerman team refuses to take what ever settlement NBC, ABC and the rest offer him and go to a very public trial, because the nation needs to see just how corrupt the elite media has become.

Remember Richard Jewell.

Editor’s Note: On Piers Morgan last night, Trayvon Martin’s girl friend Rachel Jeantel, according to her phone conversation with Trayvon Martin just before the attack, explained that Trayvon turned hostile toward George Zimmerman because he thought George Zimmerman was gay; perhaps some kind of gay rapist. The left has invested themselves beyond reason and fact into supporting, according to this new evidence, a probable gay basher. Martin had a cell phone and could have called police, but it seems that Martin took things into his own hands.

NOTE: Mediaite, in the link above has edited the story and headline to remove most of the gay comment references. History is being re-written already, however, we expected that so we posted the transcript below in the comments.

So who was violating federal hate crime laws? A case can be made that Trayvon Martin was. Eric Holder’s non-existent civil rights case against George Zimmerman just went out the window. I imagine this is some of the evidence that prosecutors kept from the defense.

Felony battery is wrong no matter if it is against perceived gays or anyone else. In her interview with Piers Morgan Rachel Jeantel explained in ghetto vernacular that George Zimmerman should have known that Trayvon Martin wasn’t going to kill him and that Trayvon just wanted to give Zimmerman a dose of what she called “whoopazz”.

New: the prosecution team kicked the only black person off jury consideration.

UPDATE II - Friends, Hell has officially frozen over. Attorney Leo Terrell who has a long history of saying “everything” is racial BLASTS those who made the Zimmerman case a racial issue. My jaw is agape as I type this. Leo said that the jury decided this case correctly saying this was not a race case at all.

Note** On Zimmerman’s referenced “martial arts training”. His Martial Arts instructor said that on a scale of 1-10 in fighting skill, he managed to get Zimmerman from a 0.5 to a 1 and that he wasn’t a threat to a punching bag.

UPDATE III - Via Kevin B. Shearer:

Sherman Ware. A black homeless man who was beaten by the son of a white policeman in Sanford, FL in 2010. Anyone want to guess who was the one ‘white’ person who went to churches passing out flyers calling attention to a coverup? Anyone want to guess who went to public meetings and demanded that this black man deserved better? Do you know who spent tireless hours putting fliers on the cars of persons parked in the churches of the black community? Do you know who waited for the church‐goers to get out of church so that he could hand them fliers in an attempt to organize the black community against this horrible miscarriage of justice? Do you know who helped organize the City Hall meeting on January 8th, 2011 at Sanford City Hall? You guessed it. George Zimmerman. But the main stream media isn’t talking about that are they.

UPDATE IVBlack Pastor: If you think that George Zimmerman was guilty than you are looking through your black eyes only, not the eyes of Jesus, not through the Blood of Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit. You are looking through the eyes of hate – you are black therefore George is guilty.

He explains further:

UPDATE V – Bill Cosby: This was not about racism – LINK

UPDATE VI – Evidence: Trayvon Martin was at 7-11 buying chems for home made drug cocktail – LINK

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Is Edward Snowden to blame for damaging our national security?

By Chuck Norton

UPDATE …We told ya so: Obama’s Snooping Excludes Mosques, Missed Boston Bombers – LINK

This story is not about partisanship. It is about the difference between what Palpatine called, “I will make it legal” and what is truly lawful.

For starters we need legislation making third-party records with phone companies, internet, credit card, etc private. Just because technology has out-stepped the 4th Amendment does not mean that we cannot adjust the trajectory of that Amendment to keep up with technology. The “papers and effects” of today are smart phones and computers. The Constitution doesn’t say “you have the 4th Amendment until the moment your papers are in a digital format”. Shall we poll the American people on that one?

Most Americans would be outraged if they knew that Supreme Court once ruled that you have no expectation of privacy on such personal data.

One of the reasons the Founders petitioned the Crown and then wrote the Declaration of  Independence is because of unspecific “General Warrants”. The reason that the 4th Amendment was enumerated is because the British issued these general warrants which were essentially legalized ‘fishing expeditions’ into people’s lives. Eventually the Crown gave the Red Coats the ability to write their own warrants. Today we are doing the same with “national security letters“.

They have made it illegal to tell anyone you are targeted, so you can’t even go to court to fight it.

How are we to know who was hurt or whose private information was leaked, or who’s phone and email was tapped and that information was used against them secretly? Since you can’t check and see if you have been snooped upon ever, you technically have no standing in court…. how convenient. This little maneuver is how the Obama Administration has been getting such cases thrown out of court.

The entire purpose of the courts, and especially the FISA Court, is to ensure that government surveillance is not overly broad and it’s actions not heavy-handed. Yet the FISA Court somehow signed off on this unlimited illegal surveillance and the Obama Administration was able to hop from judge to judge until it found one that would sign off on tracking the life of Fox News Reporter James Rosen, his family, and the entire Washington Bureau of the Associated Press.  What we are experiencing is a wholesale breakdown of both the system of checks and balances and separation of powers.

The courts have said that the government needs a warrant to put a GPS tag on someone or their car, but meta data, among other things, tracks GPS off your calls and whereabouts instantly, so each and every log entry of an American without probable cause, each case… and there are millions, is a violation of law and people’s 4th Amendment rights. Where are the prosecutions? “I was just following orders” never has flown before, and doesn’t fly now.

What I don’t like is that Edward Snowden was put in the position of having to do this. The overreaches and abuses in the NSA, IRS, EPA and other agencies should have been nipped in the bud a long time ago. The tools the NSA was given were supposed to be used on foreign targets and only those in the USA where probable cause was clear and/or a specific warrant issued.

It seems to me, who Government was targeting certainly were not two brothers in Boston calling Chechnya to speak to their jihadi mother and trainers.

In every election this president has ever been in he has utilized private and sealed records against his opponents.

I used to favor the Patriot Act, I defended it against everyone in my college class on the Patriot Act in a debate – all of them vs me, and I won those debates (according to the prof), but I always gave my support with the caveat “so far as these tools are not abused, and the men using them respect the limits of their office”. Obviously this is no longer the case. Who is it that says the government is violating the restrictions placed in the Patriot Act? None other than Representative James Sensenbrenner, the author of the Patriot Act.

Snowden is not to blame for damaging our national security.

When Carter and Clinton reigned in (some say hobbled) the CIA and our intelligence capability it impacted our ability to stop the 9/11 hijackers, it was an over reaction to the abuse of the FBI, CIA, IRS etc under LBJ and Nixon. While Carter and Clinton should have acted more wisely to be sure, it was those who abused those tools in the first place that endangered our national security by causing the backlash.

Snowden is not to blame for the same reason. Those to blame for impairing our national security in the reign in that is sure to come are those who took this too far, abused the tools of government, lied to us repeatedly, forgot the limits of their office and somehow got it in their head that we are their subjects and not the other way around.

They say “trust us” after we have seen abuse after abuse of private information stored by government. They say They say “trust us” after lying to Congress about what they were doing. They say “trust us” after telling the media that “every member of Congress knew about this when clearly this was not the case. They say “trust us” when they say that “they only collected meta-data” as if somehow that is OK, for us only to discover later that they are collecting more content than they admitted after being caught.

They say that we need to trade-off some of our liberty and privacy because security is all important, and at the same time they invite millions to cross the border illegally, and accuse those of wanting to know who are crossing our borders of being racists. The government won’t even go after jihadists who over stay their student visas. In modern times, government has demonstrated time and time again that politics always trumps security.

“A ‘find the target first, then find the crime’ political approach requires access to information of an unprecedented level. Which is exactly what is happening. When everything is a crime, government data mining matters” – Prof. William Jacobsen

President Obama:

This Administration also puts forward a false choice between the liberties we cherish and the security we demand. I will provide our intelligence and law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to track and take out the terrorists without undermining our Constitution and our freedom.

That means no more illegal wire-tapping of American citizens. No more national security letters to spy on citizens who are not suspected of a crime. No more tracking citizens who do nothing more than protest a misguided war. No more ignoring the law when it is inconvenient. That is not who we are.

What does it tell you when a 29-year-old high school drop-out has a better understanding of the 4th Amendment than the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA)?

I have been warning that academia has become so radical that it has become subversive. I am not alone in this line of thinking as Justice Scalia says that academia is largely responsible for these nonsensical, fast & loose interpretations of the Constitution.

There needs to be a massive effort to educate people on the 4th Amendment and that education needs to start with traditionalists, conservatives and republicans. Why? Because if those who claim to embrace the ideals of the nation’s founding don’t get it how can lay people be expected to?

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Obama Administration Engaged in Unprecedented Surveillance of Reporters

[Editor's Note - In this post we will be providing links to the many stories on this emerging scandal. This post will take some time to complete and will be continually updated for some time.]

In a nutshell the Obama Administration bugged an entire division at the Associated Press (AP) and many reporters at Fox News, including the parents of reporters. When asked if a national security leak could be justified into such a wide net of bugging computers, emails and phones former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, who served four presidents, said that such an action “is inconceivable”.

Former AP Washington Chief Fournier: DOJ’s phone record seizure of reporters is “Unprecedented, chilling and plain stupid”

CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson (who exposed the “Fast n’ Furious” scandal) : My computer has been compromised – LINKLINK.

US Attorney in Justice Department who targeted Fox News reporters a large Obama campaign donor – LINK.

Obama Administration targeted other Fox News employees – LINK. Tracking at least one’s every movement. Administration claimed that Fox broke the law by merely asking questions about the scandal. The Obama Administration used the Patriot Act “administrative subpoena” to carry out this abuse. Megyn Kelly comments on this nonsense:

Joseph Curl: CIA source says Fox News scandal the “4th Shoe”; says it goes much deeper; says White House also sitting on “something” that has top aides terrified – LINK.

Attorney General Eric Holder personally signed off on bugging Fox News and labeling Fox reporter James Rosen  a “co-conspiritor” – LINK.

Karl Rove: This is how Eric Holder lied to Congress

James Rosen Comments

Ann Coulter goes through the history of “national security” when it comes to reporters under the Bush Administration vs the Obama Administration:

NBC’s Lisa Myers explains how the Obama Administration history of intimidating  reporters and sources:

Obama Administration seized records of Fox News reporters parents

Attorney General Eric Holder’s “I don’t know syndrome” under oath:

MORE – IRS Chief Steven Miller: “I Can’t Remember” Who Is Responsible for Targeting Conservatives

Associated Press: Obama Administration has intimidated people from talking to us – LINK.

CNN outlines the timeline of how the Obama Administration accused Fox News  reporter Jim Rosen of being a criminal to get his personal information and then lied about it:

Brit Hume: ‘Chilling’ Search of Fox Reporter Shows DOJ Treats ‘Ordinary News Gathering As Crime’

Megyn Kelly – Eric Holder misled Congress:

Kirsten Powers and Denis Prager on Obama’s war in critics:

More prominent liberals call for Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation – LINK.

BUSTED – If At First You Don’t Succeed? Report: Holder Went Judge-Shopping for James Rosen Subpoena – LINK.

Senator Ted Cruz: Obama Administration does not respect the Bill of Rights. Eric Holder should resign. Obama should tell the truth. They are telling flat-out falsehoods:

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Women calls 911: “We have no one to send you” then….

She is raped.

If there was ever an argument for the Second Amendment , this is it.

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A look at how Obama and Nixon responded to scandals (video)

Bob Woodward: I would not dismiss Benghazi as merely politics; compares it to Watergate:

IJR: You’re Right, Obama is No Nixon: Tricky Dick was an Amateur – LINK.

Senator Ted Cruz: Obama Administration does not respect the Bill of Rights. Eric Holder should resign. Obama should tell the truth. They are telling flat-out falsehoods:

Dr. Walter Williams: Why Americans deserve the IRS – LINK.

White House: Scandals don’t exist…. – LINK.

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McDonald’s Franchisee: ‘Obamacare Will Negatively Hit Us Like Nothing Else’

Previously McDonalds Corp said that they expect Obamacare to cost $30,000 per store per year.

Huffington Post:

Here’s one thing you likely won’t find a McDonald’s franchise owner happy to ask his employees anytime soon: “Would you like a side of health care with that shake?”

That’s because some of the fast food chain’s franchisees say that the costs associated with President Obama’s health care reform law will cut deep into profits, according to a recent survey of 25 McDonald’s owners conducted by Janney Capital Markets obtained by The Huffington Post.

One franchisee even went so far as to say, “Obamacare will negatively hit us like nothing else,” according to the survey.

Some franchisees said they’re suffering from McDonald’s overemphasis on discount deals. Others claimed the chain’s new product, the McWrap, isn’t a sure bet. McDonald’s has seen slumping sales since last summer and Obamacare, some franchise owners say, is only going to make things worse.

“Obamacare is going to destroy already low profits, [and] McDonald‟s Corporation does not seem to care,” adding, “the future looks BLEAK.”

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Roger Ailes to recieve prestigious journalism award

Stephen K. Bannon at Brietbart News:

FOX News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes will be honored with the $250,000 Bradley Prize for being a “visionary of American journalism” on June 12 at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

“Roger Ailes has been a visionary,” declared Michael W. Grebe, President and CEO of the Bradley Foundation, which will award four such prizes this year. “His innovative business-building strategies have revolutionized the uncovering and delivery of news in America.”

Indeed. The Ailes media “revolution” has never been more apparent–or more important–as in the past year, when Fox News has spearheaded the media investigations of two major scandals: the “Fast and Furious” investigation, and the Benghazi debacle and cover-up.

In both cases, Fox and a few other rebel news outfits led the way in uncovering the brutal truth about Obama administration misdeeds, even as the MSM [elite media] mostly chose either to ignore the scandals or else assist the Obama administration in the whitewashing.

Staying true to this speak-truth-to-power philosophy, Fox News covered the Benghazi tragedy and its scandalous cover-up relentlessly, even as other “news” networks did their best to protect–and not even question–the Obama administration’s initial spin that the U.S. consulate had been attacked after spontaneous protests stemming from a random anti-Islam YouTube video.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) recently highlighted Ailes’s central role in forcing a vigorous inquiry on Benghazi: “Why is it eight months later that finally now it seems that the, quote, mainstream media is taking an interest in what many of us have been — if this thing comes to a full investigation, there will be two people that I think deserve credit. One of them is Senator Lindsey Graham and the other [is] Roger Ailes.”

McCain has it exactly right, and his admiration for Ailes is shared by many millions of Americans.

The Bradley Foundation said the selection for its Prize was “based on nominations solicited from more than 200 prominent individuals across the country and chosen by the Bradley Prizes Selection Committee.”

“Through the Bradley Prizes, we recognize individuals like Roger Ailes whose accomplishments strengthen American institutions, in hopes that others will strive for excellence in their respective fields,” Grebe said. Previous recipients of the award include Ed Meese, Thomas Sowell, Jeb Bush, and the Federalist Society’s founding directors.

In 1996, after making CNBC the most successful business network in history, Ailes convinced News Corp Chairman Rupert Murdoch to launch an iconoclastic and fearless news channel at a time when the legacy liberal media virtually monopolized the airwaves. The launch of FOX News Channel was accompanied by near-universal mockery and disdain by media elites, but Ailes knew that Americans in the heartland–and even in liberal areas–were fed up not only with biased news coverage, but smug, know-it-all anchors who delivered their slanted coverage with ideological and partisan relish.

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Calvin Coolidge – Civil Rights Pioneer

UPDATE – Even more on the civil rights history of President Coolidge – LINK.


Kurt L Schmoke:

Judging from some of the commentary in the news media, many people seemed surprised by the fact that Republican Sen. Rand Paul would visit Howard University, a university with a majority African-American student population. The main thrust of Paul’s speech last month was to try to persuade the African-American community that its interests were best served by the Republican party rather than the Democratic party, and that the GOP was still the party of Abraham Lincoln, the party that produced black congressmen after the Civil War and the first black United States senator in the 20th century.

The audience at Howard was polite but skeptical. Paul’s case may have been strengthened had he made reference not to the 16th president of the United States, but to the 30th president.

The 30th president, Republican Calvin Coolidge, was a major supporter of Howard University and an overlooked figure in advancing the cause of racial equality in the United States. In one of his earliest acts as president, Coolidge proposed and persuaded Congress to pass an appropriation bill that reinforced the unique relationship between Howard and the federal government.

In his First Annual Address to Congress in 1923 he wrote: “About half a million dollars is recommended for medical courses at Howard University to help contribute to the education of 500 colored doctors needed each year.” This appropriation was to grow over the years, leading to the production of health care and other professionals who would stimulate the growth of an African-American middle class and develop leaders in all walks of life, nationally and internationally.

Coolidge made it clear that his interest in Howard specifically and the African-American community generally was not limited to this one gesture. Historians of the civil rights movement of the often note the significance of a speech made at Howard in 1964 by President Lyndon Johnson in which he uttered the words, “We shall overcome.” This was seen as a dramatic gesture at that time for a politician from the Southwest to echo the words of an anthem of the civil rights movement.

But forty years before Johnson’s declaration, Coolidge gave the commencement address at Howard and signaled a significant change in progressive race relations. In reading his words it must be recalled that he spoke at a time when separate but equal was the law of the land, when lynchings trumped due process in criminal cases involving black men, and when the most recent Democratic president, Woodrow Wilson, had praised a film which glorified the Ku Klux Klan.

Coolidge began his address by referencing the sad history of slavery and the importance of religious leaders in ending that period of American history. Because of his great interest in supporting business, he then described the growth of businesses owned by African-Americans since emancipation from slavery. He emphasized business growth and the spread of literacy among blacks as paralleling developments in the nation at large. To the Howard graduates and to the entire country he then said:

“The nation has need of all that can be contributed to it through the best efforts of all its citizens. The colored people have repeatedly proved their devotion to the high ideals of our country. They gave their services in the war with the same patriotism and readiness that other citizens did …. The propaganda of prejudice and hatred which sought to keep the colored men from supporting the national cause completely failed. The black man showed himself the same kind of citizen, moved by the same kind of patriotism, as the white man. They were tempted, but not one betrayed his country…They came home with many decorations and their conduct repeatedly won high commendation from both American and European commanders.”

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Same IRS man who politicized the IRS under Clinton at center of current scandal

[Editor's Note - It is rare that we copy an entire article from another web site and present it in total. Usually we print a key excerpt of the most important points and have a link to the rest, which is considered "best internet manners". However, in some rare cases, when the piece is so important, the information so crucial, that presenting the entire piece becomes warranted.

This piece from Michelle Malkin shows that some of the same people who were caught abusing the IRS under Bill Clinton, were re-appointed by Obama and are some of the guilty parties today. This indicates clear premeditation from the White House. What other reason would a President re-appoint a man with a criminal history like IRS Department Head Steven Miller?]

UPDATE – IRS boss of Tea Party probes targeted anti-Clinton group in 1990s – LINK.

UPDATE – IRS Official Admits Clinton Enemies Were Audited – LINK.

Michelle Malkin:

It’s always the “low-level” peon’s fault, isn’t it? When Democrats get caught red-handed abusing government powers and bullying their political enemies small and large, nobody at the top knows nuttin’. The buck stops … in the janitors closet or something.

Here’s what I know: While they pretend to champion privacy rights, top left-wing operatives have routinely ransacked and plundered through the private documents and personal records of conservative groups, business owners and public figures. Through it all, those on the right standing against government tyranny have refused to stand down.

During the Clinton years, senior IRS official Paul Breslan revealed that the administration’s auditors specifically targeted conservative critics. On the hit list: Judicial Watch, Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers, the National Rifle Association, The National Review, The American Spectator, Freedom Alliance, National Center for Public Policy Research, Citizens Against Government Waste, Concerned Women for America, and the San Diego Chapter of Christian Coalition.

Steven Miller, one of the Clinton IRS agents who helped conduct those witch hunts in the 1990s, is currently the head of the Obama IRS department that has now admitted it discriminated against tea party groups. Jackboot history repeats itself.

In 1997, far-left Congressman Jim McDermott obtained and leaked an illegally taped phone call involving House GOP leaders to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The New York Times. Far from a low-level underling, McDermott was the top Democrat on the House Ethics Committee at the time. Ohio GOP Rep. John Boehner won a $1 million civil lawsuit against McDermott. McDermott’s leak was condemned by U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Hogan as “willful and knowing misconduct (that) rises to the level of malice in this case.”

In 2005, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee — headed by New York Sen. Charles Schumer — targeted then Maryland GOP Lt. Gov. Michael Steele as he considered a U.S. Senate bid. Two of Schumer’s staffers illegally obtained Steele’s credit report by using his Social Security number, which they got from public documents. They set up a fake email account and then impersonated Steele on a website to filch his financial information.

Democrats framed the sleazy move as the work of junior staffers. But the supervising operative involved, Katie Barge, was senior research director of the DSCC, a former researcher at the George Soros-funded attack group Media Matters for America and a researcher for presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards.

Schumer’s other document plumber, Lauren Weiner, was a DSCC researcher who had worked for Dick Gephardt and the Democratic National Committee. She pleaded guilty to fraudulently obtaining a credit report and escaped jail time. After she was fired, she earned a journalism degree at the Columbia University School of Journalism.

In 2006, longtime Democratic operative Bob Fertik called on his minions to attempt to obtain the private phone records of prominent conservatives through shady online information brokers. “If money is scarce,” Fertik vowed, “ will reimburse you if you buy the records for an important phone number and discover gold when you get the records.”

In October 2008, top Ohio Democrats targeted real plumber Joe Wurzelbacher after he challenged then presidential candidate Barack Obama’s “spread the wealth” radicalism. Helen Jones-Kelley, then director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, ordered underlings to scour government databases for dirt. In addition to pawing through his child-support papers, her agency also checked Wurzelbacher in its computer systems to determine whether he was receiving welfare assistance or owed unemployment compensation taxes.

Jones-Kelley was not just a high-level state official. She was also an Obama campaign donor who volunteered to arrange an event for Michelle Obama and provided the campaign with nearly 20 names of potential donors ahead of a Dayton campaign stop. Three years after resigning, she found herself back on the taxpayer dole with another government job. Corruptocrats protect their own.

Also in 2008, Obama’s allies at a Soros-tied outfit named Accountable America sent out “warning” letters to 10,000 top GOP givers “hoping to create a chilling effect that will dry up contributions.” Witch hunt leader Tom Matzzie, formerly of Soros-funded, promised “legal trouble, public exposure and watchdog groups digging through their lives.” Matzzie also advertised a $100,000 bounty for dirt on conservative political groups “to create a sense of scandal around the groups” and to dissuade donors from giving money.

The effort was supported by Judd Legum, founder of Think Progress, which is run by former Clinton scandal manager turned Obama confidante John Podesta’s Center for American Progress.

During the 2010 midterms, the Obama bully brigade waged a similar campaign against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its donors as payback for the organization’s ads opposing the federal health care takeover. During the 2012 election season, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina declared war on free-market philanthropists Charles and David Koch and private donors to their nonprofit activist group Americans for Prosperity.

As I warned in my column in March 2012, it seemed “no small coincidence” at the time that Team Obama was threatening conservative activists publicly “just as numerous tea party organizations (were) reporting that the Internal Revenue Service (had) targeted them for audits. According to Colleen Owens of the Richmond (Va.) Tea Party, several fiscally conservative activist groups in Virginia, Hawaii, Ohio and Texas (had) received a spate of IRS letters. The missives demand(ed) extensive requests to identity volunteers, board members and … donors.”

The latest confession by Obama IRS officials that they targeted tea party, pro-Constitution and pro-Israel groups isn’t a sign of “rogue” behavior. It’s tyrannical Democratic business as usual.

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Latest Administration Talking Points on IRS Were Lies

Guy Benson Via Townhall:

Remember what we were told when this explosive story first broke less than a week ago?  The IRS official in charge of tax exemptions for organizations said the improper methods employed within her division were executed by “low level workers” in Cincinnati who weren’t motivated by “political bias,” and impacted roughly 75 organizations?  Wrong, wrong and wrong.

“Low Level” - Officials within the highest echelons of the agency were aware of the inappropriate targeting, including the last two commissioners — at least one of whom appears to have misled Congress on this very question.  Now Politico reports that Lerner herself sent at least one of the probing letters to an Ohio-based conservative group:

The director of the Internal Revenue Service division under fire for singling out conservative groups sent a 2012 letter under her name to one such group, POLITICO has learned. The March 2012 letter was sent to the Ohio-based American Patriots Against Government Excess (American PAGE) under the name of Lois Lerner, the director of the Exempt Organizations Division…at the time of the letter, the group was in the midst of the application process for tax-exempt nonprofit status — a process that would stretch for nearly three years and involve queries for detailed information on its social media activity, its organizational set-up, bylaws, membership and interactions with political officials. The letter threatened to close American PAGE’s case file unless additional information was received within 60 days.

These burdensome requests were apparently designed to bury the victimized groups in paperwork.  Carol reported last night that some 58 percent of these applicants were asked for unnecessary information and data, according to the Inspector General’s review.  Some inquiries asked for screenshots of organizations’ Facebook posts and even lists of what books (!) its members were reading.

“No Political Bias” - This claim was laughable on its face from the start, in light of the agency’s surreal criteria for added scrutiny and the “red flag” words and phrases that triggered investigations.  Now add to the mix this scoop from USA Today:

In February 2010, the Champaign Tea Party in Illinois received approval of its tax-exempt status from the IRS in 90 days, no questions asked. That was the month before the Internal Revenue Service started singling out Tea Party groups for special treatment. There wouldn’t be another Tea Party application approved for 27 months. In that time, the IRS approved perhaps dozens of applications from similar liberal and progressive groups, a USA TODAY review of IRS data shows. As applications from conservative groups sat in limbo, groups with liberal-sounding names had their applications approved in as little as nine months. With names including words like “Progress” or “Progressive,” the liberal groups applied for the same tax status and were engaged in the same kinds of activities as the conservative groups.

Lerner also reportedly fast-tracked an approval for a foundation operated by President Obama’s half brother, taking the extraordinary step of granting it retroactive tax-free status.

“Seventy-five organizations effected” - That number almost immediately swelled to 300.  Now it’s closer to 500:

The IRS targeting of conservative groups is far broader than first reported, with nearly 500 organizations singled out for additional scrutiny, according to two lawmakers briefed by the agency.  IRS officials claimed on Friday that roughly 300 groups received additional scrutiny. Reps. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said Tuesday that the number has actually risen to 471. Further, they said it is “unclear” whether Tea Party and other conservative groups are being targeted to this day.

We have an answer to that question now, too.  Here’s Carol again, quoting the cover letter from the IG’s findings, dated yesterday: “A substantial number of applications have been under review, some for more than three years and through two election cycles, and remain open.  Lest you even ask, nobody involved in this scheme has been disciplined (yet); just the opposite, in fact:

CNN John King IRS


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Government appointees spending $40,000 a pop for self portraits

Forty grand of your money of course. There is no excuse for this in any administration.

James McElhatton at the Washington Times:

It’s not always easy to tell who’s coming or going as the Obama administration starts its second term, but multiple agencies have quietly commissioned artists to paint official portraits of Cabinet secretaries and other top appointees — an expenditure often seen when officials are on the way out the door or already gone.

The Environmental Protection Agency spent nearly $40,000 on a portrait of Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, while a painting of Air Force Secretary Michael B. Donley will cost $41,200, according to federal purchasing records. The price tag for a 3-by-4-foot oil portrait of Agriculture Department Secretary Thomas J. Vilsack: $22,500.

All told, the government has paid out at least $180,000 for official portraits since last year, according to a review by The Washington Times of spending records at federal agencies and military offices across government.

Painting people high up in all branches of the federal government is a long-held tradition for Republicans and Democrats alike in Washington. Taxpayers picked up the tab for official portraits of top appointees in the Bush administration, too, including more than $40,000 spent on a painting of former Attorney General John Ashcroft, records show.

A portrait of former EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson, another Bush appointee, cost about $30,000, according to EPA records.

Like most other agencies, USDA officials wouldn’t say one way or another whether the $22,500 it’s spending to commission a portrait of Mr. Vilsack signals his intent to leave the Obama administration.

“Consistent with previous administrations, the department has commissioned a portrait to be unveiled at some point following Secretary Vilsack’s tenure,” USDA spokesman Justin DeJong wrote in an email to The Times. “USDA solicited bids for the portrait and selected the lowest of five bids.”

In April, Mr. Vilsack hosted the unveiling of a portrait of former Bush USDA Secretary Ed Schaefer, a painting that cost $30,500, while the portrait of another former Bush USDA chief, Michael Johanns, cost $34,425, records show.

Read more:
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Kyle Katarn to appear in a Star Wars spinoff movie by JJ Abrams?

Who is Kyle Katarn? He is the most popular Star Wars character you have never heard of. Katarn is the protagonist in the uber-popular “Dark Forces” and “Jedi Knight” series of LucasArts video games. He is also featured in a series of popular Star Wars novels.

Big Hollywood:

Abrams’ “Star Wars: Episode VII” is part of big plans for The Walt Disney Co., which bought George Lucas’ Lucasfilm empire last year for $4.05 billion. The company is planning three sequels and two stand-alone spinoff movies focusing on characters from the “Star Wars” universe.

It is difficult to believe that Katarn will not be the subject of at least one spinoff film. Why? Katarn is easily the most interesting character in the Star Wars lexicon.

Katarn is a former Imperial Officer who had a change of heart, became a mercenary for the Rebellion, eventually becoming the personal “fix-it man” for Mon Mothma herself and eventually post Episode VI, Jedi. He is brilliant, conflicted, has an attitude, likes to act as if he is more morally ambiguous than he actually is and doesn’t care too much for rules, codes, or fighting fair. All that and a Jedi Master too. He is almost unique among Jedi in that he is as gifted in the Force as Mace Windu and wields force powers often preferred by the dark side of the force. In short, the Katarn character is a writer and director’s dream.

Kyle Katarn

“I’m no Jedi, I’m just a guy with a lightsaber and a few questions.”

Notable Katarn quotes:

Luke Skywalker: I sense a disturbance in the force.
Kyle Katarn: You always sense a disturbance in the force, but yeah, I sense it too.

Desann: You? You’re the legendary hero who killed Jerec at the Valley Of The Jedi? You look like nothing more than a bantha herder.
Kyle Katarn: And you look like an overgrown Kowakian monkey-lizard, so I guess looks don’t count for much.

Kyle Katarn: Never trust a bartender with bad grammar.

Kyle Katarn battles Jerec

Kyle Katarn battles Jerec

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Obamacare: Taxpayers Must Report Personal Health ID Info to IRS

After recent revelations, perhaps it is time to just change the name of the IRS to the KGB or the STASI. The motto of the STASI was “the sword and shield of the party”.

Americans for Tax Reform:

The new form will require disclosure of a taxpayer’s personal identifying health information in order to determine compliance with the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate.

As confirmed by IRS testimony to the tax-writing House Committee on Ways and Means, “taxpayers will file their tax returns reporting their health insurance coverage, and/or making a payment”.

So why will the Obama IRS require your personal identifying health information?

Simply put, there is no way for the IRS to enforce Obamacare’s individual mandate without such an invasive reporting scheme.  Every January, health insurance companies across America will send out tax documents to each insured individual.  This tax document—a copy of which will be furnished to the IRS—must contain sufficient information for taxpayers to prove that they purchased qualifying health insurance under Obamacare.

This new tax information document must, at a minimum, contain: the name and health insurance identification number of the taxpayer; the name and tax identification number of the health insurance company; the number of months the taxpayer was covered by this insurance plan; and whether or not the plan was purchased in one of Obamacare’s “exchanges.”

This will involve millions of new tax documents landing in mailboxes across America every January, along with the usual raft of W-2s, 1099s, and 1098s.  At tax time, the 140 million families who file a tax return will have to get acquainted with a brand new tax filing form.  Six million of these families will end up paying Obamacare’s individual mandate non-compliance tax penalty.

As a service to the public, Americans for Tax Reform has released a projected version of this tax form to help families and tax specialists prepare for this additional filing requirement. Taxpayers may view the projected IRS form at  On the form, lines 3-4 show where taxpayers will disclose their personal health ID information.

View PDF here.

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Kirsten Powers: There is something just fundamentally really, really wrong with our media…(video)

I think another interesting aspect to this story is this claim that nobody should cover it because it’s being ‘politicized’? Which would then mean nothing in Washington can ever be covered. Right?

The [so called] ‘war on women’ was that not politicized? That was a DNC talking point. The fact that Fox News covers something means you shouldn’t cover it? Really? Because I never noticed that when MSNBC was hysterical over Sandra Fluke that nobody thought that it was a reason to ‘not cover it’.

There is just something just fundamentally really, really wrong with our media. They need to take a look at themselves and do some accounting.

Related: CBS News President David Rhodes and ABC News President Ben Sherwood, both of them have siblings that not only work at the White House, that not only work for President Obama, but they work at the NSC on foreign policy issues directly related to Benghazi. – LINK.

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