“If I wanted America to fail”

Seven Truths About Politicians – LINK

Five Annoying Types Of Republicans – LINK

If I wanted America to Fail –

Paul Harvey – If I Were The Devil This is How I Would Destroy America

A world without Capitalism

What if we had a world without greed. People not profits? You cannot control the economy without first controlling people. – Ronald Reagan

3 Responses to “If I wanted America to fail”

  1. Mike Roch says:

    if i wanted America to fail, i would make baseless, hyperbolic remarks based on speculation and political bias in order to turn our citizens paranoid and against each other…i would make corporations the God’s of our time, with no oversight or regulation, because THEY are the ones looking to provide consumers with fairness and quality, and can be trusted to keep themselves free from corruption and fraud…i would completely privatize health care, education, police and fire departments, because the one’s who can’t afford it, are just parasites sucking the teats of honest taxpayers…if i wanted America to fail i would allow anyone to disobey any law, refuse any service, and discriminate any person in the name of religious freedom, unless, of course, that religion is anything other that Christianity…if i wanted America to fail, i would vote conservative.

    Political Arena Editor responds:

    Readers, this is the nonsense that the unions try to push public schools. As you can see his “talking points” are shallow and his grammar is almost nonexistent. This poor dupe actually believes that businesses are unregulated and running wild. He has no idea how over regulated our economy is, and how those regulations are designed to pick winners and losers. If our economy was under regulated businesses and jobs from around the world would be trying to come here to enjoy the freedom and the profits, instead they are leaving the country in droves.

    Mike, you could not last five minutes in a real debate backing up what you said. If you want to know who the leviathan state corporatists are please read the following three links and just investigate the contents for yourself to see if the contents are true:




  2. Jay Teigh says:

    If I wanted america to fail, I’d vote Democrat.


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