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American Crossroads Ad: Obama, Putin and Operation Hot Mic (video)

What if Bush had been caught in a conversation like this with an “oil guy”? What would the elite media reaction have been? Obama, Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Putin, Flexibility, open mic.

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Legendary Kate Smith Introduces God Bless America in 1938 /w a Special Appearance of President Reagan! (video)

Warning! I f you are the kind of far left pinhead who screeches ”Xenophobe!” at the slightest display of national pride, this video will make blood shoot right from your eyes. It is Memorial Day and we pay tribute to the fallen. … Continue reading

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Steven Crowder vs Propagandist from Russia Today on American Self Defense Laws (video)

Lots of people watch RT online. It is very popular. But what most Americans do not understand is that the “hip and flashy” RT is actually “Russia Today” which is a mouth piece for chief oligarch Vladimir Putin. You will … Continue reading

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Putin targets independent media

Financial Times: Vladimir Putin, Russia’s prime minister, has made it clear there is a limit to his patience while facing criticism from his country’s few remaining independent media outlets. During a meeting with 30 editors he lost his temper with … Continue reading

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Russian youth: Stalin good, migrants must go

Communist propaganda combined with scapegoating. It is so typical and exactly the same tactics used by every tyrant in world history, but perfected by Nazi Germany [Note: Usually it is wise to avoid Nazi comparisons, but in this case it … Continue reading

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New Documents: The ACLU’s Stalinist Heritage

Via the Daily Caller: Noted author Paul Kengor has unearthed declassified letters and other documents in the Soviet Comintern archives linking early leaders of the ACLU with the Communist Party. Kengor found a May 23, 1931 letter in the archives … Continue reading

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Must See Video – Newt Gingrich: Orwellian Government from 1979-2010

The good stuff starts near the end of video one when he starts talking about Poland.

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Reminder: The “popular” and “hip” RT is actually Russia Today; anti-Western, anti-democratic & anti-Semitic.

You hear about reporters who are killed, tortured, or just vanish in Russia by Putin’s goons. RT will never have that problem. RT is perhaps the best and most effective anti-western propaganda on the net. My research specialty in college was attitude … Continue reading

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