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Protected: LH US Immigration Law Sold To The Highest Bidder

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Political Ad Deception of the Day: Alison Grimes

This ad is a great example of how far politicians will lie to get elected. One would think by this commercial that Alison Grimes is a conservative Democrat. She isn’t. This commercial is clearly designed to paint her as a … Continue reading

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Ferguson: Agitators, Local Law Enforcement, Politicians, Media; All Close to White House

[Editor's Note: Wow did we nail it: NYT: Democrats Using Ferguson Shooting To Mobilize Voters For 2014] The horses were led to water and everyone drank…. Before we dig into what may be the most important story about the riots, … Continue reading

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Internet Snow Job Propaganda

Some attitude change propaganda is easy to spot for those who are vigilant, but those who create such propaganda know that all too many people simply “want to believe“…. Every graphic below creates a false narrative and is yet believed … Continue reading

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How Alex Jones’ Conspiracy Propaganda Works

As a part of our attitude change propaganda series today we are looking at Alex Jones. Alex Jones uses several tricks to make his site look like a real information source. Aside from slick graphics that make parts of his … Continue reading

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Right Wing Watch does “selective editing” smear job on Glenn Beck

To those who follow such things, you might say, “so what else is new”. Even so, it is worth reporting because it is an excellent example of attitude change propaganda mass media theory and it demonstrates how far some people … Continue reading

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Attitude Change Propaganda: Gun Violence, a PR Executive & Whopping Lies

[Note: This article was quoted by Eric Bolling on The Five - ] Continuing on with our attitude change propaganda series, put this one in the “how far will they go to lie to you” folder. If one were … Continue reading

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Attitude Change Propaganda Designed to Prey on the Ignorant and Uneducated

This is a great example of why so many universities do not teach American History well, virtually ignore American Studies and why Common Core dedicates all of a few lines of text to George Washington, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. … Continue reading

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How brazen will politicians lie? Check this out.

Austan Goolsbee is the former Chief White House Economic Adviser for President Obama. Last week Goolsbee pelted Sean Hannity with the latest Democrat Party talking point, that Obama is a fiscal conservative because he cut the deficit in half! Hannity rightly … Continue reading

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Must See Video: How Chicago TEA Party Leader Saved Outspoken Cancer Patient and Was Targeted by the IRS

In the video blow you will see Bill Elliot, who lost his insurance due to Obamacare, could not afford the new Obamacare premiums and deductibles, had resigned himself to die: Along comes C. Steven Tucker, Chicago TEA Party Leader and … Continue reading

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“Ukrainian” Separatists Armed /w New Russian Military Hardware

Here are some “Ukrainian Separatists” in Eastern Ukraine – ALL with new military equipment, uniforms that are unmarked and top of the line RPG-30’s which we are sure they made in their own back yards out of household appliances.

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Former Chief of Staff to Attorney General Ed Meese Says Bundy is Right – UPDATED!

by Chuck Norton UPDATE – Aside from the comment section below which has several links, videos and comments, Mark Levin went more in-depth into the BLM’s deliberate abuse of power, creating a legal quagmire to destroy the lives of ranchers, … Continue reading

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New FOIA emails show EPA in cahoots with enviro groups, giving them special access

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
From The Washington Free Beacon, Lachlan Markay. Press release follows. Internal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emails show extensive collaboration between top agency officials and leading environmentalist groups, including overt efforts to coordinate messaging…

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Dear idgits at the NYT…

At Benghazi the Al-Qaeda mortar teams had each building zeroed in which takes time and training. Distances measured to the meter, advanced scoping of the targets etc. Who brings mortars to a protest? And this was after Al-Qaeda made coordinated … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Legendary Kate Smith Introduces God Bless America in 1938 /w a Special Appearance of President Reagan! Awesome intellectual smackdown, Christmas style :) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Christmas Greeting – 2013

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Impressive: Phil Robertson speech against racism

I saw this and am I impressed. What a guy:

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How the 17th Amendment stole power from you and gave it to big money interests

By Chuck Norton The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, elected by the people thereof, for six years; and each Senator shall have one vote. The electors in each State shall have … Continue reading

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Captain America, The Winter Soldier Trailer Analysis

As is made self-evident in the trailer Steve Rogers (Captain America) is working for SHIELD with Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow). Rogers begins to question SHIELD’s motives and extra-constitutional way of business. Rogers visits a WWII museum which features some of … Continue reading

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Government shutdown veiling an assault on separation of powers, oversight, and the budgetary authority of Congress

by Chuck Norton UPDATE – Just as we predicted, Democrats in the Senate are floating a bill to allow the President to raise the debt limit in direct violation of Article I of the Constitution. The Democrats have written the … Continue reading

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AWESOME! Watch Stephen Limbaugh ROCK the piano (video)

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