DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Lies About Giffords Shooting

Washington Examiner:

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., speaking in New Hampshire this morning, reminded her audience of the tragic Tucson shooting last year — and also insinuated that the Tea Party, which she said regards political opponents as “the enemy,” has enhanced divisiveness in Congress and had something to do with the shooting, at least indirectly.

“We need to make sure that we tone things down, particularly in light of the Tucson tragedy from a year ago, where my very good friend, Gabby Giffords — who is doing really well, by the way, — [was shot],” Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic National Committee chair said during a “Politics and Eggs” forum this morning. “The discourse in America, the discourse in Congress in particular . . . has really changed, I’ll tell you. I hesitate to place blame, but I have noticed it take a very precipitous turn towards edginess and lack of civility with the growth of the Tea Party movement.”

Having brought up the Giffords attack as a political cudgel, Wasserman Schultz doubled down on that attack. “You had town hall meetings that they tried to take over, and you saw some their conduct at those tea party meetings,” Wasserman Schultz said today. “When they come and disagree with you, you’re not just wrong, you’re the enemy.”

Warming to that theme, she added that “when they disagree with you on an issue, you’re not just wrong, you’re a liar.”

The problem is Debbie, that you most certainly ARE a liar

This is the Same Debbie Wasserman that routinely calls Republicans every name in the book such as –  racists that want the USA to return to Jim Crow, hate children, want old people to die, want to poison school children etc.

Of course what Wasserman leaves out is that the shooter was a dedicated leftist, an avowed Bush hater who  proudly displayed his affection for John Kerry, and was a part of an honors academic program for leftist students similar to IB [All of which is detailed HERE].

The shooter, Jared Loughner, was also an untreated paranoid schizophrenic who had multiple run ins with the sheriff’s department and other police. The sheriff, a partisan Democrat who at first blamed Rush Limbaugh for the shooting, knew about Loughner’s . The shooter’s mother works for the County and had used that position to help keep Loughner out of serious police trouble.

Of course, since the shooter was so incredibly mentally ill, not even Giffords herself blames Loughner or anyone else for the shooting, except for the scores of people who knew how sick he was and made sure that he went untreaded.

Gabby Giffords & Mark Kelly: If Loughner received treatment, this probably never would have happened

TEA Party events have been peaceful in spite of constant elite media lies about them. In fact not one TEA Party participant has ever been arrested at an event and that included the large D.C. events where well over a million people gathered.  On the other hand, the OWS protests sponsored by Democrats and other leftists have been more cases of violence, vandalism, rapes, sexual assaults, battery and theft than can be counted. Even though the OWS protests have been small by TEA Party standards, the number of arrests of OWS protesters is measured in many thousands.

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